Monday, 11 June 2012

Long film names

So, I copied a load of videos I had downloaded from youtube onto the shit pad to watch later. The files all had quite long names, but they were descriptive and needed to be that long.

Once on the shit pad these got truncated and there appears to be no way to show the full name!

I did a bit of searching on line to find other people moaning about this, but there was no single answer expect to shorten the names.

Any ideas?



I've not written any posts in ages on this blog as I pretty much gave up using the iPad for anything but checking the games I create on it. Recently I have got back into using it a bit as there are a couple of good games to play.

It also proved useful as a picture frame to show the mother in law some photos from a recent holiday, and this is where I started having troubles. For some reason after I had synced all my photos on the pad, it had decided to screw around with them, duplicating some, deleting others, and generally not showing what it was supposed to. I asked about and no one had any ideas why this would happen. All the source photos on my PC were correct.


And only a minor fail this time.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Updates - enough already

One of the big annoyances with Windows is that it updates fairly often. At least once a week I would say.
But that seems pretty reasonable compared to the iPad.

Because the iPad doesn't do that much at all, you have to install Apps for pretty much everything, even the most basic of tasks (like adding up) requires an app installed. So pretty soon you will have a good selection installed. And they get updated often, very often.

Yesterday I was required to update 4 apps. Today I have switched it on and am asked to update a further 2. While typing this in has made the update noise again (even though I have the sounds switched off!!!!!) to let me know there are now 3 to update! Stop it!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Charge me up

Boy does this thing take a long time to charge from 10%! I have only charged it a few times as I really don't use it that much, but it takes at least 4-5 hours to charge. And with the battery only lasting about 10 hours (if you don't do anything much on it) that seems and exceptionally long time. Again looking around the web this seems to be normal, and people just accept it.

So not only do they give you a very short cable, you also have to wait five hours for it to fully charge.

Mine also gets really really hot while charging. This doesn't seem to effect everyones iPad, which is odd. And reading some forums they say this could be a battery issue. Which could suck as this is only a few weeks old.


It's not just me!

Gary Rosenzweig at the Guardian also finds the iPad severly lacking in what it can do.

Digested read: My iPad 2 by Gary Rosenzweig

I do like his idea about finding the most pointless app to download. That at least gives me something to aim for.

Monday, 25 July 2011


It doesn't seem to have occured to apple that more than one person might be using the iPad. Let's face it, in their mind we should each have our own individual iPad and virtually share stuff with each other. But that is never going to happen as they are way to expensive.

Back in the real world we are not all that rich, so the iPad is forced to be sharded within my house at least.
So now that I have set up my email on the machine, everyone who uses it can read it, and send emails from my account! There is no way to lock it or password protect. I can lock the entire machine, but not the email!

It would be great if you could set up different users for the machine, so that everyone has there own login. That way each user could arrange there apps how they see fit and only have access to there own data. Oops, sorry, that would make it useful.

What it comes down to is that Apple say that the machine is great for sharing becuase there is no way of locking any of your data. So for Sharing read insecure.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I was trying to avoid writing about the lack of Flash support on the iPad, but it has reached a point in my use of the device that I feel I have to.  It is not the fact that it doesn't support flash that I have found to be the problem, it is the way you are forced out of the browser to view content on sites like the BBC news site, and into their App. It just feels so clunky.

And when you want to leave the App to go back to browsing, there is no easy option to go back. Hit the big button then find the browser app again.

This goes for all the Flash replacement apps that you are forced to install.

And that is the other issue, I have so far, 8 apps to do what I should be able to do within the browser.

Sort it out Apple.